How to Transition from Working a Brick and Mortar role to Working from Home Full or Part Time

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Before I had kids I never seemed to feel like I had any time. Between working and getting the hang of living on my own I just couldn’t seem to budget my time and get everything done that I needed or wanted to. As I’ve grown and made the transition into marriage, and started a family I’ve realized a great many things. I have a newfound respect for taking time to incorporate spirituality into my daily life, being organized, for getting up early, and that first sip of coffee….

I digress though. 3 years ago, when I started working from home it was out of complete necessity. In many ways, I don’t know if it would have come to pass without heartfelt prayer. That being said, it was a post much like the ones I’m writing for all of you now that answered my prayers and started me on the path I’m on now. I’ve never had to miss time with my two youngest ones these past few years. I’m eternally grateful and looking at my kids and knowing I can stop and play with them anytime because I’m here is a major part of my motivation. Another motivation that gets me up every morning is that my family is counting on me. Success is the only option.

Knowing both your vision and what will keep you going are both of critical importance. It would be next to impossible to know how well you are doing and how close you are getting to your goals if you didn’t outline what achieving them would look like. For each person however, your motivations and goals will likely look different.

How to Transition to Work from home

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How to Transition to a Work from Home Lifestyle

  1. Plan an hour or two into your schedule either at the beginning or end of your day to consistently work on your new lifestyle plan.

    For some this time will give you the opportunity to practically transition in terms of the set up of a work space, explore work from home opportunities and apply for openings. I personally started with using that time to map out what I wanted to do and what it would mean for me and my family if I worked from home. Then I moved on to the practical aspects mentioned prior. Currently, even after years of working from home I still use my planner to map out my goals and break that down into monthly and weekly tasks using my handy planner:


Tools4Wisdom Planner

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  1. Get organized and be persistent.

    If you haven’t already, outline what your ideal work from home situation would look like, what you might need in terms of supplies or knowledge, how long you think it will take you to achieve your vision and how you’ll know you’ve achieved it. It is also important to map out why you are really doing this. Knowing why this transition is important to you is so important because it will keep you motivated at those times when you have challenges or doubts.

Here’s the planner I use myself, it’s not only beautiful, it’s a lifesaver:

  1. Map out budgets both financially and in terms of your time.

    It’s important to take stock of your time to know how much time you have to spend while you are working elsewhere and on which days. Given that amount of time, also take a look at how much you make at your current job. If you didn’t have the same transportation and related expenses so that you could work outside the home, how much would you need? Is working your current job part time an option? If so, be sure to adjust your budget accordingly.


  1. Get the supplies and set up a space for yourself to be work from home successful.

    For many work from home roles, you’ll need at least a laptop, and internet. If you’ve already got a computer and internet at home, awesome! You can just use that until you save up a little to replace them. If you think replacements will be needed, build a little into the budget you’ve set up. Here are some of the things I use an/or would recommend if I were planning my transition all over again:

  1. Pick out one or more work from home opportunities from the Work from home directory and decide what you’ll do with your earnings.

    While it is completely up to you how you spend your earnings, one thing that I have done in the past is to reinvest a percentage of what I earn and then save the rest into a several month emergency fund so I could reach the amount needed to shift to part time. Click here for the Work from Home Jobs Directory


  1. Make time for balance and for your health.

    In my article about Staying Work From Home Fit, I talk about 5 things you can and should do to stay at the top of your game while working from home. It will make your transition so much more enjoyable overall. Check it out here!


  1. Assess and re-assess for Success!

    Look honestly at where you are in relation to your overall goals on a regular basis (at least weekly) as it will help you make decisions about which opportunities to take, if your transition journey is going well and which to opportunities to pass on (because you’ll know if they are actually helping to reach your time and budget goals).


What do you think?

Are you dreaming of working from home? Do you already work from home? Have a story about your own transition? Tell me what you’re excited about and what your concerns are in the comments down below. I’m here to help!

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