How This Work From Home Mom of 3’s Journey Can Help YOU Achieve Work From Home Freedom

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Hi, I’m Kellyloren! What brings you here today? I believe we met here for a good reason. Whether necessity in your home life (such as becoming a parent or needing more balance), a major medical upheaval or a line drawing ‘I’m-never-going-back-to-that-horrid-workplace-ever-again!’ type situation has brought you to your Work From Home Journey, welcome! It is my honor and privilege to be your coach to the fullest extent.

How YOU too can experience Work From Home Freedom


My Journey

Several years ago, working from home was simply a dream that I had let die because I hadn’t been able to get a service business off the ground. Up until that point in my life “Working from home” was synonymous with stuffing envelopes or some other get rich quick scam…that is until my husband, who was fed up with a lack of home life balance made a bold move that would throw our whole family on its ear: we were moving from our lovely little suburb to a far less populated rural area across the street from where he grew up. Admittedly, I really struggled with it. Ok! Ok! I tried to flat out refuse to move to the woods, no avail.  Moving meant leaving a job that I really enjoyed, that I was very good at and at which I had just been promoted. I was facing moving to an area where getting decent work could take a very, very long time – or worse, require an even LONGER commute than before. For me, I could see no feasible option besides working from home – even though I knew of no solid options it seemed it was an absolutely necessity.  I was so uncomfortable with moving to the country. Luckily, my soon to be miracle was persistent!

Answered Prayers

Sometimes the difference between something being just a dream and it becoming reality is giving yourself no other option but to succeed. Despite being uncomfortable and looking sacrifice and everything I had worked for in the face as it was about to change, I found I wasn’t alone. In fact, I was about to discover just how much God really has my back. It turned out after much prayer and supplication that I was meant to trust God in ways I had never been able to do with any person before – ever. And boy oh boy, did God ever deliver!

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Understandably, it won’t happen for everyone the way it did for me but I had been led to apply for an opportunity to work from home and the very day I vowed that I would move like my husband wanted and was mentioning to a co-worker how much more at peace I’d be if I had work in place by the time we got there, that work from home position called and offered me the job. Paying more than I was currently making. Right there. On the spot. Needless to say, I was floored – and my work from home journey began!

While your unique work from home journey may start out less dramatically, I want you to know that you are not alone and getting to a place where you are 100% working from the comfort of your own home is entirely possible. Believe it or not, you finding this blog puts you a light-year ahead of where I was.

Here are some top takeaways from my Work From Home Journey that YOU can benefit from:

  1. Discomfort often comes just before a fantastic game-changing discovery! I sifted through a lot of scams before I landed my first work from home job. Like I mentioned previously, before being faced with moving to the country the only at home jobs I knew of were basically scams!
  2. Your long work commute isn’t some fixed variable you have to silently suffer about. There are so many work from home opportunities right here on this blog!
  3. Keep moving forward and when you run close to losing optimism, ask for help and support. For me, I’ve surrounded myself (gradually) with others like me who are seeking freedom from office politics, and text messages about my kids firsts that I’m missing. Everyday, but especially in the beginning, I also ask for help and support from my Creator and everyday I’m humbled and grateful by the blessings working from home has brought about.

Opportunities for YOU

Here on this blog you’ll find work from home resources of all varieties – Jobs for beginners, jobs for those who want to work as an employee from home, jobs for those who would rather work for themselves (Independent Contractor) and even jobs for those of us without transportation! Check out the Job Leads section under “Categories”. Feel free to contact me as well!

Once again, welcome… I am so thrilled to offer you the best work from home resources on the web.

What brings You here today? Are you just starting on this journey or struggling to firm up your next work from home opportunity? Tell me about it in the comments below!! I’m here to help. Let me know what your concerns and challenges are – chances are I may have some really helpful tips to get you through to Work From Home Freedom 🙂


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