Make money freelancing as a Courthouse Researcher!

Make money freelancing as a Courthouse Researcher!

Make money freelancing as a Courthouse Researcher!

This post may contain affiliate links but rest assured, I only suggest products that I would recommend to friends and family.

It’s amazing the kinds of independent/work from home that are available today! This field was news to me even after working outside traditional brick and mortar roles for a few years. While it is work outside the home, I still wanted to include it because it is something very flexible that you can do on your own time while you are going about the business of life. As a Courthouse Researcher, typically you’ll work within a deadline to collect as many accurate records as you can. Companies that provide the work usually pay per record so the faster and more accurately you can provide the record, the more money you stand to make.

One company that hires researchers sums up this freelance opportunity nicely so I’ll share it here: “Court Research is the process of going to the courthouse and looking at public documents. You might be looking at mortgages, marriage records, tax liens, judgments, divorces, and more. The very act of going to the courthouse to look up the records is courthouse research.”

Courthouse Researcher

Why courthouse research might be for you:

  • Set your own hours and have a flexible schedule (within the deadline(s) provided).
  • You have access to a laptop and transportation/can get to a courthouse easily
  • Work as much or as little as you want – the more records you collect and submit, the more you’ll make.

How to get this freelance position:

  • Provide basic information about yourself, detail your experience collecting research and which counties you’ll be willing to work in.
  • Most of the below listed companies offer free training to help you get started.

Keep in Mind

  • The faster you type, the more you’ll likely make as payment happens per correct submitted record.
  • It can take time to get up to the hourly rate you’d like to be earned so be sure to give yourself time to ramp up your research and typing game! Need practice? Go here to test and improve your typing skills!
  • “A successful court researcher has a cell phone and a laptop. Almost all projects require collection of information, whether it be on a spreadsheet or into a data entry program. You’ll be using the public terminals located at the courthouse you visit to collect this information. Once hired, you’ll have access to complete training material that will teach you how to understand the information you are looking for. Many counties have several types of courthouses. The training will help you understand which courthouse you need to visit. For example, you wouldn’t go to a criminal court to collect information on mortgages!”

Companies that offer Courthouse Researcher positions:

  1. Information Technologies – Independent Contractor work pulling data related to tax liens and/ or bankruptcies. “Currently we are in search of Court Abstractors/Data Collectors in various regions around the nation. This is an independent contractor position.” To apply, click here.
  2. – You’ll be an independent contractor courthouse researcher, and be paid weekly by direct deposit. “An Average researcher needs 4 to 6 weeks to reach full earning potential. This is because it takes time to learn the job. We provide all the tools, training and encouragement for your success, but you will need to provide perseverance, commitment and determination.” Top researchers earn somewhere around $15 – 20/hour. Interested? Apply here.
  3. Advanced Background Check – Document Retrieval and background check research. Note: Application asks questions pertaining to your company name, your experience and if you carry insurance against errors and omissions. If interested, apply here.
  4. JBS Research – Courthouse research position (Independent Contractor). Start your application here.
  5. First National Acceptance Co. – “his is a part-time, independent contractor position that consists of locating and recording the names and addresses of sellers of owner-financed real estate notes. Only a small amount of information is collected so the research is not in-depth or detailed. In many courthouses research is available on computer. Opportunities exist in multiple counties so once the research is caught up in a given county, additional counties may be available for research. Payment is made on a per name basis, often adding up to $12.00 per hour or more. New counties that have not been assigned in the past offer an opportunity for immediate income potential. Researchers are expected to visit the county courthouse on a regular basis in order to keep the research caught up.” Apply here!
  6. Sunlark Research – “We generally are picking up very basic information from the documents available, such as names and addresses. We then enter the information into database or spreadsheet software, depending on the needs of the client. The amount of work available in a given county depends on the population base and growth and mobility of the area as well as on the type(s) of assignments we have available in your area. A very small county (i.e., under 10,000 residents) may have less than one hour of work per month while a very large county (i.e., over 1 million population) can sometimes keep a fast-working researcher busy for several hours each week.” Apply here.
  7. Sentinel Data Retrieval – “We are always looking for qualified, accurate and reliable researchers and court retrievers.” Collect background check data. Click here to apply.

Do you have experience working in a role like this? 

Do you have questions about working from home or have companies to add to this courthouse researcher list? Please share in the comments below. I’m here to help!

How I Made Over $5,000 Reselling Online and You Can TOO!

How I Made Over $5,000 Reselling Online and You Can TOO!

How you too can make over $5,000 reselling Online

This post may contain affiliate links but rest assured that I only suggest products I would recommend to my closest friends and family as well.

When I first started out working from home the position I had was seasonal so looking ahead I knew it would be helpful to have multiple streams of income set up. What are multiple streams of income? A lot like it sounds actually. Basically, it means that you have money coming in from more than one source whether by active means (like an hourly job) or passively (like from an activity that pays you even when you aren’t working, such as in this case: reselling online!).

I had heard about selling on websites such as eBay and the more I explored that the more it seemed like a feasible option for me. My first year I made nearly $4,000 not even really knowing what I was doing. Last year I broke nearly $6,000. This year I’ll likely have earned even more as I’ve studied the ebb and flow of the seasonal nature of the products I offer. Below is a series of steps I’ve distilled down from my  years successfully reselling online.


How you too can make $5000 reselling online

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How to make money reselling online

  1. Explore different auction and reselling sites such as eBay, Tophatter and Amazon to determine which one is the best fit for you in terms of cost of listing and selling as well as seller policies. Do you have money to spend on listing fees or do you prefer all costs of selling on that platform to come out of a sale once its ready to ship?


  1. Once you’ve decided on one or more platforms to sell on examine how well things are selling and decide what you’d like to sell. Different items sell well at certain times of year and sales may be cyclical/seasonal. For instance, selling things like sunglasses in summer and sweaters in winter might make more sense. Think about how people will use the items you are considering selling. When choosing items to sell, you’ll want to factor in things such as how much the item(s) to obtain, how much it will cost to package and ship as well as how much you’ll be likely to make from each sale after all seller fees from the platform you’ve chosen.


  1. In seeking out the items you want to sell, try looking for it on eBay (such as from China) or on Alibaba. Can you negotiate the price such as through Best offer? Do you have to buy the item in Bulk? Be sure to factor in the cost of shipping the item(s) and how long it will take to receive your new inventory as well. Receiving items from China tends to take a minimum of 3-6 weeks.


  1. Purchase a small number of items first so you can inspect them for quality and see how long that shipment took to get to you. I strongly recommend writing detailed notes about how your experience was in working with each and every supplier and vendor. After a while all those details can tend to run together!


  1. While you are awaiting the arrival of your inventory, set up a small space where you can take photos of your item(s), a place to securely store inventory and prepare the wording for your listings. In many cases such as with small items like jewelry or sunglasses you can set up a mini photo space using white poster board, a couple desk lights, tape and your cell phone! For determining what to write in your listings, look at the wording your competitors are using and see what really grabs your attention about it. Try to use that and come up with similar but distinct wording. Then, when your items arrive, see what else you can add to highlight your products features!


  1. When your items come in, inspect them ensuring it is the kind of quality you’d want to receive yourself. If not, be prepared to be polite but firm in requesting either a full refund or a replacement of the damaged merchandise.


  1. List your items and track what goes well, and what about the experience doesn’t meet your expectations. Adjust your listings accordingly. Sometimes it can take a few months to get the hang of things. I always say “it’s all in the ebb and flow of business”. Enjoy from the good times and learn from the not so good ones.


  1. Consider reinvesting a portion of your profits into your next round of inventory. In my experience reinvesting 60% of my profits kept my out of pocket lower the first year while I was still figuring out what sold well for me and what didn’t. I still maintain the practice of only using profits to buy my inventory (unless it’s a very rare opportunity).


What do you think?

Are you dreaming of working from home reselling online? Do you already work from home doing this? Tell me what you’re excited about and what your concerns are in the comments down below. I’m here to help!

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15 Places to Create a Course Online!

15 Places to Create a Course Online!

Create & Offer a Class Opportunities!

This post may contain affiliate links which may earn me a commission to help support the running of this website. If you choose to make a purchase you will not be charged anything extra.

Do you have expertise to share with others but haven’t found that perfect-for-me position where you can impart your wisdom? Here are over 15 places where you can do just that! Most of these listings allow you to not only create a course online for free but then also allow you to list your course on that website and market it to your very own audience.

15 places to create a course online!

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Create a Course Opportunities

  1. Academy of Mine – “All-in-one Platform to Create, Sell and Market Courses.” Click here to view a demo and create your own course online with Academy of Mine!
  2. Udemy – “Teach what you know, or teach what you love. You can create a course online on almost anything. Millions of students are waiting, eager to learn and we’re here to help you make it happen.” Click here to get started!
  3. Teachable – “Create a course online for free in minutes with Teachable. Get started with just your email and the name of your school. Access everything you need to build rich, interactive lectures. Showcase a stunning school with your own branding. Build a vibrant community around your school. Attract students and sell your online courses.” This link will provide you with a “complete free bundle of resources to help you create an online course.”
  4. Open Learning – “OpenLearning enables anyone, anywhere, to build engaging MOOCs that create interactive and empowering learning experiences. And the best part? It’s free. No technical skills are necessary, so you can join the online learning revolution right now!” Check out this platform to create a course online here!
  5. eCoach – “Transform The Way You Teach With Interactive Courses. Offers Unlimited Storage. Get Started Now For Free.
  6. Litmos – Helps you create training courses. No credit card required to start. Begin your free trial here!
  7. Eliademy – “Eliademy is a free e-learning platform (LMS) that allows educators and students to create, share and manage online courses.” Start here.
  8. Thinkific – “Empowering modern course creators. Start with our Forever Free Plan. No credit card required.” Go here to get started.
  9. WizIQ – “Easy to use integrated learning delivery platform for instructors and institutions”. Create your course today here.
  10. Skillshare – “You’ll earn money every time a student takes your class. Top teachers make up to $40,000 a year. Plus, creating classes is easy with our simple format and supportive community.” Create a course online with Skillshare here.
  11. Ruzuku – “Everything you need to connect with your audience, create inspiring content, and change the world.” 14 day trial offered here!
  12. Educadium – “Educadium makes it easy for organizations and individuals to reach learners around the world. In minutes, you can create a branded EasyCampus to store digital materials and create cost-effective online classes for knowledge sharing, assessment, and certification.” Start creating your course for free here!
  13. Learnworlds – “Build a beautiful, social & interactive online school to create, host and sell online courses. Setup in 5′ minutes – No Coding Required – 30 Days Free Trial.” Start for free here.
  14. Moodle – Open source website that allows instructors to create a course online. “Moodle connects you with free courses and content shared by Moodle users all over the world.” How to create a course online with Moodle.
  15. Clickbank – Great place to market a course you’ve already created. Click here for details about how to set up your course on Clickbank so you can market it and promote it.

Do you have questions about creating a course and offering it online? Do you have information on companies to add to this list? Please share in the comments below. I’m here to help!

Over 5 Places to sell your handmade items online now!

Over 5 Places to sell your handmade items online now!

Over 5 Places to sell your handmade items online now!

This post may contain affiliate links which create a commission to help support the maintenance of this site. Rest assured, there is no additional cost to you should you decide to make a purchase and I only recommend items I myself would use.

Make the most awesome crafts or handmade products and would just love to offer them for sale online to increase your monthly sales between craft shows? Or are you like me and you just want to avoid the craft shows all-together?! Check out this list of over 5 places that specialize in helping you to do just that!

Sell handmade items online

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Make and sell your very own handmade items or crafts!

Keep in Mind:

  • In each case you’ll want to make sure that your item(s) meet the standards for what constitutes “handmade”. Some platforms don’t mind if there are parts that are pre-fabricated while others are very strict that every part be original and handcrafted.
  • Some platforms will charge a fee to list your items or a fee up to a certain number of items while others will only charge a flat fee monthly for an unlimited number of items.


  1. Zazzle – “Ready to create personalized gifts? Zazzle will help you add unique artwork, designs and photos to a huge assortment of products and create one-of-a-kind gifts. Check out our top products below to find great custom gifts for everyone in your life. Everything is made exactly to order and ships quickly.” With Zazzle, you could start a store online offering the items you’ve created on Zazzle and when an order comes through you could order it from Zazzle and ship it to your customer. Check out this opportunity here.
  2. Etsy – “Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. It doesn’t take much to list your items and once you make a sale, Etsy’s transaction fee is just 3.5%.” Click here to list your first items!
  3. Handmade@Amazon – In order to sell handmade items on Amazon, they ask you first to fill out an application: “To apply to sell on Handmade at Amazon, you’ll need to complete this application on a desktop or laptop computer, please allow 30 minutes. Before you begin, make sure you have images of your products, your production process, and your workspace(s). Once you submit your application, you should expect to hear back from us within 1 week. Any information you provide will only be used internally to process your application.” The fee they charge is 15% which according to their site includes payment processing, marketing, fraud protection and provides discounted shipping to your customers. Click here to get started with your application.
  4. HyenaCart – This might be just the option for you if you’ve got a lot of items to sell or if your items don’t meet other platforms strict definition of “Handmade”. They simply ask that your items are “family friendly” such that the items are free of “adult themed content”. There is a flat fee for set up and listing (there is a one time set up fee and then a $5/mo fee which you can stop paying for up to 2 months at a time if you need to take a much needed vacation. “There are three ways to sign-up to sell items on Hyena Cart, depending on whether you will be sharing a store, running your own store, or selling used items.” There is a fee to list which temporarily (as of the time of this writing) has been reduced to just one penny! Go here to learn more and get started! Here is a link to learn more about the costs of selling with them.
  5. Cafepress – “In just a few easy clicks, create a sale-ready collection of products on CafePress. There’s no shop involved, no shop management – instead we market your products and you earn the money!” There are other options to earn with CafePress as well: If you already have an online store, “The Shops service provides an online shop where you can, design, manage, and sell your own branded merchandise on your website. If you already have an audience, this is the pick for you!” Learn more about CafePress Shops here. If you have a knack for creating fan based items or want to have the opportunity to try your hand at it (and build a portfolio perhaps), “CafePress fan portals make it easy to create T-shirts, bags, coffee mugs, and more for your favorite Television shows, movies, comics, and more! Learn more about fan portals here.
  6. ShopHandmade – A fee-free way to sell your handmade items! You can also sell gently used craft supplies. Learn more or get started here.
  7. GLC Mall – “Your new craft store will give you the opportunity to connect to a worldwide customer base looking for arts and crafts 24 hours a day, seven days a week; you will also become part of a growing online community of crafters, artists, artisans and designers. The GLC Arts and Crafts mall has no hidden fees, that means – No Commissions, No Setup Fees. We have 3 store Plans:

Basic Store – List up to 100 items for a flat rate of $3.50 per month. Semi-Pro Store – List up to 250 items for a flat rate of $6.95 per month. Pro Store. List Unlimited items in your store for a Flat Rate of $12.00 per month. Click here to review these options, choose one and list those items!

Do you have questions about crafting your own items to sell and offering them online? Do you have information on online retail markets to add to this list? Please share in the comments below. I’m here to help!

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